Catherine Kabaire

  • Medicine, University of Nairobi
  • Girl Project: Promoting education through youth mentorship and income generating activities
  • Nakuru
  • Mentor: Fred Otieno and Catherine Kaimenyi

Catherine comes from a single parent home.  Her father passed way due to TB complications.  Her mother is a casual laborer and haDSCN5071s struggled to provide for Catherine’s school expenses.  Catherine is in medical school at the University of Nairobi. Her PATHWAYS project focuses on helping single mothers earn an income so they can afford school fees for their daughters. Catherine says, “I would like to help girls from my community; mentor them so they are able to make the right decisions and pursue their dreams.  Most of the girls end up dropping out of school, getting pregnant, getting married.  This is a result of poverty and lack of support and mentoring.”

Anastacia Nzuki Kavutha


  • Education, University of Nairobi
  • Community Income Generation: Farming, raising tree seedlings and poultry rearing
  • Nairobi
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

IMG_20151013_124641Anastacia is the second born of 9 children.  Her parents have had a difficult time providing education to their 9 children.  Anastacia and her older brother were forced to work in people’s farms to raise money for their primary and secondary school education.   Anastacia says, ” I have always wished that many will succeed because I have helped them and that I may continue to be a reason for other’s success through financial assistance and mentorship.”

Shadrack Shitseswa


  • Education, University of Nairobi
  • Economic Development Project for Youth: Promoting education through youth mentorship and income generating activities
  • Matunda
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

DSCN5077Shadrack had major difficulties getting through primary and secondary school due to lack of school fees.  His routine during primary school was to wake up at 5am, fetch water from a 30 feet deep bore-hole, milk 3 cows, and give the cattle food for the day, then walk to school delivering milk along the way. He had to drop out of secondary school because of his father’s misbehavior. Dejected, he went back to his casual income earning duties such as selling fuel.

Shadrack finally graduated from secondary with a KCSE of a B.  However, that grade was not good enough to acquire substantial financial assistance in university.  So after struggling for 2 years, he went back to secondary Continue reading

Eric Lemungesi


  • Environmental Health, Kenyatta University
  • Girl Project: Promoting education and through youth mentorship and income generating activities
  • Isiolo County
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

Eric is the fifth born of seven children.  He was born in Loruko in DSCN5020Oldonyiro Division of Isiolo County where in 1996 there were war clashes between the Somali and Samburu communities.  Eric and his family were forced to flee for their safety.  Due to this upheaval, Eric was left with his aunt who raised him. Eric’s dream is to start an orphanage and rehabilitation center and sensitize Kenyans on the importance of education.  He is studying Environmental Health at Kenyatta University. Eric says, “I want to be an instrument of positive change in my community…my destiny is my agenda..”  Eric’s project focuses on assisting girls in the semi-arid area of Oldonyiro Division in Isiolo County.

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