GGC Scholarship

PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress is announcing the availability of a  $1000 scholarship to help students who have experienced foster care.  The goal of the scholarship to help defray the cost of tuition and books as well as encourage the development of leadership characteristics through carrying out a community project.


If you meet the following requirements, please apply for the PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress scholarship

  1. You have experienced being a foster child in the US foster care system (please provide letter indicating you have experienced foster care from Georgia DFCF).
  2. You are currently an enrolled student tat Georgia Gwinnett College as a freshman.
  3. You are a currently a high school senior that has been accepted to Georgia Gwinnett College
  4. You have a 3.0 GPA.

Application Process

Please complete the application which includes a section to tell your story and describe your life goals. Part of the application is to come up with a community improvement project focusing on people or the environment that will be completed within a year.  It should be well thought out, relate to your life/career goals, and have the possibility of being sustainable.  The description should be 2 pages double-spaced and organized into the following sections: Background/Rationale for Project, Community/Partner Engagement, Procedure, Potential problems and how they will be overcome, Budget.  Partnering with other nonprofit organizations is encouraged.  Please submit a letter from the organization you will partner with if applicable. The successful applicant will be given $500 to carry out the project and may apply for renewal of the scholarship.


July 1, 2019

Selection Process

The committee will review all applications in July 2019.  Points will be given for the project idea, the feasibility of carrying it out in one year, how it connects to the student’s future goals, and the extend to which it is sustainable and tied to other partner organizations.  The top 5 candidates will be notified and asked to interview in person.   The successful candidate will be asked to report on their academic and project progress monthly.



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