Akolom Samual Esiokon

  • Chemistry, University of Nairobi, graduated 2018
  • Water Project: Improved water availability through solar and wind power
  • Lokichar –Kapese sub location in Turkana County
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

akolomsamSamual was born into a nomadic life in northern Kenya. His parents are nomadic pastoralists and move throughout Turkana, West Pokot and Samburu county. They did not believe in education, so Samual bravely took it upon himself to go away to a boarding school and worked as a custodian to support his education, room and board. His PATHWAYS project is a hotel with proceeds used for support and mentor students.

Samual says, “My colleagues (fellow students) nicknamed me ‘Mboch wa chuo’, mboch, meaning school maid. It was so much embarrassing but I had no option. It was the only hope for my education to continue.”

Isaac Obago

  • Education, University of Nairobi, graduated 2018
  • Youth Project: Funding education through sales from crops
  • Kakamega
  • Mentor:  Catherine Kaimenyi
    obagoIsaac comes from a family of 9 children and was raised in a children’s home. He was only able to make it through high school through the donations of well-wishers, because of his high grades, and through sheer persistence when the funding from the well-wishers was discontinued. Isaac is studying education at the University of Nairobi. His PATHWAYS project focuses on planting crops with the proceeds of the sales going to provide school fees to children in need. Isaac says, “Despite the ups and downs in my schooling, I never gave up. I am sure I have a story to tell the world. I learned that once a leader is born, he/she has to put it into practice”.

Justus Lelenguiya Salach

  • Education, Kenyatta University, graduated 2015
  • Education Project: Promoting education through youth mentorship and tuition
  • Ngari village, Samburu county
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

Justus was born in DSCN5075Ng’ari village, Samburu district in Kenya.  He scored the highest in his class on the standardized test given to all secondary school leavers (KCSE).

Justus has always dreamt of becoming a teacher to be able to teach and motivate the people of his community and country. He chose this career because of the low literacy and overall education levels of the people in his community. Continue reading

Jemimah Peters

  • Mathematics, University of Nairobi, graduated 2014
  • Women and Girls Empowerment Project: Water for agriculture and poultry raisingJemima Kanini1
  • Kitui
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

Jemimah Peters was the second born of six children. She was brought up entirely by her mother. During her early school years, Jemimah had to take on casual farm jobs to help earn money for her school fees. This was often very difficult for a young child of 9 or 10 years old to work in the fields besides going to school. Because she did so well on her primary school final exam, Jemimah was given a scholarship to secondary school by a local education support foundation. Her project involves enhancing food security through raising vegetables and helping women and adolescent girls secure an income. One day she wishes to open an orphanage to help alleviate suffering of the children in her area. Jemimah says, “My purpose in life is to be the positive change I wish to see in my family and the society at large.” Continue reading