What Others Are Saying

US Congressman John Lewis“…the work of the PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress scholarship recipients promotes their communities, organization, and country. I want to express my support for PATHWAYS. Our district, nation and world need more programs like it.”

John Lewis
Civil Rights Leader and U.S. Congressman


Richard Leakey“PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress is a timely initiative that could be of critical importance to Kenya in the area of human resources. I certainly support the initiative and hope others will do so.”

Richard Leakey
World renowned conservationist and paleoanthropologist


Gene Gangarosa MD“I see it as an acorn ready to sprout.”

Gene Gangarosa, MD
Emory University, School of Public Health, President of Safe Water


Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta“PATHWAYS has the opportunity to impact the Kenyan youth in many ways. This program will ensure continued educational excellence, encourage character development, develop professional acumen and set the stage for life-long success.”

Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta

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