Monicah Wairimu, 2005 Scholar

“I feel honored to have received PATHWAYS scholarship award for the year 2005/2006.“I feel honored to have received PATHWAYS scholarship award for the year 2005/2006. With the scholarship I was able to finish a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer science. I attained a second class Honors upper Division (GPA of 3.43 in a scale of 4.0).

“The other major benefit of the scholarship was the funding of my water project and am looking forward to starting a Nursery school project in my home area (Elementaita).

“PATHWAYS is an organization with a difference because it not only it focuses on funding of education but also funding of community projects which gives the scholars a chance of managing funds and also involving the community in the project which ensures that the community is also benefiting from PATHWAYS.”

Nafisa Ayuka, 2008 Scholar

Nafisa AyukaPATHWAYS is a special programme on its own. It does not just sponsor you but it teaches you how to become a real leader in our society from the lowest point you are.

As I write I never knew at one point I will be important that much to my community but through PATHWAYS I have made it and my desire is to place my community somewhere better.

Kennedy Otieno, 2008 Scholar

Kennedy OtienoI continue expressing my sincere appreciation to PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress not only for having settled my University fees but most importantly having provoked the spirit of responsibility and care-for-others in me. With my project thus I intend to change many lives and finally become an ambassador of hope to thee poor by providing the mentoring to the economically challenged under the umbrella of PATHWAYS.

Noah Kanda, 2007 Scholar

Noah Kandi Kelly“PATHWAYS is a place to belong. The distance we have come since the conception of PATHWAYS, whom we have reached out to, and support from donors and scholars leaves us with a smile on our face as we work towards a better Kenya, if not the best.

“I strongly believe that PATHWAYS is set to make a turn around not only in Kenya but also in other developing countries. We have the potential and truly ‘PATHWAYS Yes we can’.”


As Eric said, most of us had real problems joining campus. I had worked as a teacher but had supported my younger sister to join another university. When my time came, I only had saved ksh. 20,000 which would cater for fare, fees, accommodation and upkeep. This needed more than ksh. 60,000. I thank God since the university couldn’t check my fees before admitting me. I had only paid ksh. 13,500. I missed a room. That meant I needed to rent one outside school. That would be another expense. I borrowed from every relative and friend. Only one of my brothers sent me ksh. 400. This could not help me. I opted to share beds in shifts with friends. I shared with my dean.
Just miraculously, he gave me the link to the application form for PW. I can’t compare anything I may give you with your support in my education. I had dropped three times. I was just afraid that I wouldn’t withstand the pressure.
You brought light in darkness. You brought life in death. Your support has kept me breathing.
I am not sure I can be grateful. I have much more to share.   DSCN5077