2016 Annual Conference

DSCN0053 PATHWAYS LEADERSHIP FOR PROGRESS held its annual conference at the PEC Guest House in Ngong, Kenya from April 30 to May 1, 2016. The program was run by third year scholar Eric Lemungesi, who emphasized the need for group cohesion by discussing the proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. Among the speakers were Michael Murigi (alumnus) on the topic of leadership and integrity in Kenya and Joy Mbaabu on the importance of communication, especially in the way of expectations. Time was taken to discuss the importance of wellness, physical as well as mental, and even everyone participated in a short yoga class. Finally, as a fun exercise and to think about where their life path is headed, the scholars wrote what they think their epitaphs would be (see below).


  1. Erick Baringo:“1994-2070.”Eric was a peace loving person who brought smiles to many. He will be highly remembered for many good things he has done. May his soul rest in eternal life”
  2. Marilyn Nyabuti: “Daktari always walked in the light. May she R. I. P…”
  3. Samuel Akolom:“Samuel fought for the rights of people…”
  4. Isaac Obago:“He achieved his goals. May he R. I. P….”
  5. Ascarnancy Bako:“Ascar was a joyful person who put a roof over the heads of many…”
  6. Catherine Kabaire:“BORN: 29.12.1991,SUNSET: …“You were a great leader, have treated many, you are irreplaceable. We love you but god loved you more
  7. Annastacia Nzuki:“A professor with a name i.e. mama Lucy…”
  8. Monicah Nyambura:“Here lies a woman who inspired many and gave her all to the community…”
  9. Justas Salach:“A great teacher of his time…”
  10. Brian Maluki:“Was a true leader who helped many to build destinies…”
  11. Shadrack Shitseswa:“Your body can be dead but millions of your big heart are alive…”


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