David Mundia

David Mundia

  • Bachelors of Dental Surgery, University of Nairobi, graduated 2011
  • Educational Development Project: Tutoring youth and women’s economics in the Korogocho slum
  • Nairobi
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

David is from a one parent family (mother). However, his mother was sick so he was taken in by his aunt who lives in a small house in Korogocho, one of the slum areas in Nairobi. David says he owes a lot to his aunt and acknowledges that were it not for her, he could be a street child in the slum, involved in drugs, just like some of his age-mates. David’s experiences motivated him to help street children. His project focused on tutoring 60 students from the Korogocho slum area. Of 39 students who were tutored and took the high school entry exam, 26 passed and went on to high school. David provided a space for the tutoring, 6 tables, 12 benches, 10 test prep books for exams, and 2 dictionaries. At his graduation, these educational resources were turned over to a neighborhood school for their use in continuing the tutoring project. In addition, David assisted a women’s self-help group, comprised of 10 women, to gain training in craft making. The monthly income of these women increased from approximately $2.50 to $6.50 per day. After graduating in 2011, David started a nonprofit, Dentcare Kenya, to provide dental care services to the needy. In the first year of operation, David’s non-profit has provided free dental services to nearly 5000 needy children and adults. David is a great role model.


“I am a humble self-disciplined and a development conscious individual who would like to help others in their needs and welfare…I want to give back to the community.”


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