Donor Luncheon at Sweet Potato Cafe in Stone Mountain, Georgia

DSCN8460We had our first donor luncheon on June 13, 2015 at the Sweet Potato Café. The lunch was planned in association with a visit from our Vice President, Dr. Mbaabu Mathiu, and his wife Joy Mbaabu. It was a rare opportunity for our long-supportive donors to meet the people who actually ensure that PATHWAYS is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Mathiu welcomed the gathering and offered his insights on several of the scholars who have been sponsored by the donors. He made the important point that while unemployment of recent college graduates is approximately 40%, 100% of the PATHWAYS scholars are employed. This, he explained, is due to the leadDSCN8459ership training provided by PATHWAYS. This visit also coincided with our 10th year anniversary as a non-profit. Thus, we were eager to hear the thoughts of the donors as to how PATHWAYS can improve and become sustainable in the next 10 years. Several good ideas were offered and our plan is to create a 10-year roadmap for the future of PATHWAYS with the goal of self-sustainability. WDSCN8461e are extremely fortunate to have such a committed and supportive group of donors, and you have our sincere appreciation. Pictured from left to right are: Dr. Mbaabu Mathiu, Joy Mbaabu, Angie Gust, Tom Gordon (bottom row), Scott Groussman, Jessica Brooks, Mark Light, Donna Groussman, Megan Light, Dr. Stuart Zola (top row). A separate lunch was planned with Ronnie Jowers (center) who could not make the official luncheon.  Thank you for all of your support Ronnie!

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