Hussein Abdhallah


  • Actuarial Science, Kenyatta University, graduated 2016
  • Environmental Project: Environmental improvement including tree planting
  • Mombassa
  • Mentor:Catherine Kaimenyi

Hussein is the last-born in a family of five and the only child who has had an opportunity to attend high school. Like many girls in Kenya, his elder sister was married when she finished her primary school, and unfortunately, her husband was HIV-positive. He passed-away last year.

Hussein started the Nguuni Youth Group, which is a non-profit community-based project aimed at stimulating development for the community in areas such as conservation, public health, and economic development. So far they have established a tree-nursery and have participated in various health-sensitization programs which were conducted in collaboration with the Nguuni Health Centre. His PATHWAYS project is to continue  to involve youth in environmental, health, and economic  improvements in his home area.

In the future, Hussein plans to establish his own insurance company or a pension-scheme to offer services to the middle-class people and small-businesspersons in order that they have sufficient financial safeguards for not only their personal lives, but their businesses as well.

2012 Update

community and goats-Educated members on the importance of trees, and the invaluable role they play in our lives.
-Tree-planting; offering seedlings to villagers for planting around the village.
-Livestock (Goat) keeping in the village for milk, income-generating and manure.
-Held meeting with villagers and educated them on Importance of trees, and the role they play in our lives.
-Distributed 60 seedlings to the village for planting.
-Formed a committee at the base which will oversee the project and report to us their progress, and in case any issue arises.

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