Moses Nyambura

  • University of Nairobi, Actuarial Science
  • Project:
  • Kiambu
  • Mentors: Hussein Abdulla, Catherine Kaimenyi

Moses lives with his 2 siblings as his parents have passed away.  He serves as a community leader in Kiambu County working with a team of university students.  He is committed tgiving back to society.  Right now he is involved in programs such as cancer awareness, tree planting and proving sanitary towels to needy girls in rural areas.  Moses says, “I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and from my failures. I never regard my failure and my humble background as a curse rather an opportunity to improve and to improvise. What I myself regard life is a total pot of opportunities. One has to harness one’s skills and abilities to the maximum of one’s capacity. For every problem there is a solution. I regard the life as a blessing gift to humanity. One should strive hard to improve not only his lot but for his fellow beings.”

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