Pathways Scholars Quarterly Meeting

The scholars gathered at the Rosa Mystica Spiritual Center on February 7 for the day long quarterly meeting.

A guest speaker, Mrs. Joy Mbaabu, discussed how to interact effectively with persons with different characters and personalities. Catherine Kaimenyi, the student coordinator, spoke on the issue of “Brain Drain” in Kenya. She emphasized that the vision of PATHWAYS is to empower youth to make positive changes in their communities and country during and following their university careers and in the process, empower others. Isaac reminded the group that they have a responsibility to their people and should focus on how best they can be useful to them long term.

One of the obvious ways noted was investing in the PATHWAYS community projects and ensuring that they make an impact on a wide cross-section of people. Scholars agreed to work hard on their projects to ensure that their societies are uplifted socially and economically.

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