Shelly Okumu

Shelly Okumu1

  • Medical School, University of Nairobi, graduated 2012
  • Girl Project: Empowerment through girl-centered activities, education and mentoring
  • Kisumu
  • Mentor:Catherine Kaimenyi


Shelly Okumu’s mother and father died before she was 10 years old. Her maternal grandmother raised her in a Nairobi slum, Dandora, where she has memories of violence, girl child drop outs due to early marriages, and teenage pregnancies. Shelly reflects, “Coming up in Dandora has made me hardworking, determined, strong- willed and I am ready to lend a hand to a brother/sister who needs it. I want to see Kenya progress. I want youths to achieve this and I am ready to be among those who make this dream come true.”


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