Eric Lemungesi


  • Environmental Health, Kenyatta University, graduated July 2016
  • Girl Project: Promoting education and through youth mentorship and income generating activities
  • Isiolo County
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

Eric is the fifth born of seven children.  He was born in Loruko in DSCN5020Oldonyiro Division of Isiolo County where in 1996 there were war clashes between the Somali and Samburu communities.  Eric and his family were forced to flee for their safety.  Due to this upheaval, Eric was left with his aunt who raised him. Eric’s dream is to start an orphanage and rehabilitation center and sensitize Kenyans on the importance of education.  He is studying Environmental Health at Kenyatta University. Eric says, “I want to be an instrument of positive change in my community…my destiny is my agenda..”  Eric’s project focuses on assisting girls in the semi-arid area of Oldonyiro Division in Isiolo County.

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