Shadrack Shitseswa

  • Education, University of Nairobi, graduated 2016
  • Economic Development Project for Youth: Promoting education through youth mentorship and income generating activities
  • Matunda
  • Mentor: Catherine Kaimenyi

DSCN5077Shadrack had major difficulties getting through primary and secondary school due to lack of school fees.  His routine during primary school was to wake up at 5am, fetch water from a 30 feet deep bore-hole, milk 3 cows, and give the cattle food for the day, then walk to school delivering milk along the way. He had to drop out of secondary school because of his father’s misbehavior. Dejected, he went back to his casual income earning duties such as selling fuel.

Shadrack finally graduated from secondary with a KCSE of a B.  However, that grade was not good enough to acquire substantial financial assistance in university.  So after struggling for 2 years, he went back to secondary school to be able to earn a better grade on his KCSE and obtain the needed financial assistance to attend university.

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