Lily Chepkorir

Lily Chepkorir

  • Bachelors of Agriculture, University of Nairobi, 2010
  • Economic Project: Beekeeping and Tree Planting for Economic Development in Bomet
  • Bomet
  • Mentor: Lydia Koros

Lily Chepkorir, a 2006 PATHWAYS scholar, comes from a very poor family. Despite her economic hardships, she scored a B+ on her school leaving exam. In her community of Bomet, Lily often helped with projects such as soil erosion control, planting trees, and raising HIV/AIDS awareness. Her project focused on a beekeeping enterprise in her community to improve the economy. “Instead of areas lying idle, I saw beekeeping and honey production could help the living standards of the people by generating income.”

Bee hives Lily set up in her village of BometLily’s project is based in Bambanik village in Bomet District. The main objective of her project was to develop the local economy by keeping bees to produce honey and planting trees to improve the environment and supply nectar for the bees. The project has been registered under the name Arise and Shine Youth group as a community based organization and is comprised of 15 youth members. Lily launched the project in Bomet on March 10, 2007 and invited guests, one of which was a project coordinator of a self-help group who has experience in bee keeping. The other one was her assistant chief. Lily has organized the construction of seven beehives and one tree nursery.

Community residents and Lily posing with bee hivesShe says, “Working on the project has changed my world view. I used to think that one needed large capital to begin a project but I have realized that starting even with very little capital is a step to success and with time it would expand. What I have liked most about my project is the fact that it covers all the sectors, social, financial and physical development of the local people. The group formed and others to be formed encourages people to socialize. At the same time wax and honey are good for health. The project in itself conserves the environment.”

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