PATHWAYS Alumni Association Lauched 12October2013

DSCN5034With kind assistance and expert consult from Mr. Otieno and Mrs. Kaimenyi, the PATHWAYS Alumni Association was officially launched at a gathering of current scholars, graduated scholars, and leaders of the PATHWAYS organization.  It was quite an auspicious occasion as the launch was the culmination of much discussion of its structure and mission.  PATHWAYS alumnus, Alphonce Oginga, effectively presented the mission and bylaws of the PATHWAYS Alumni Association and greatly impressed and motivated the interested group.  Monicah Wairimu, the most senior alumnus, will serve as the Chairlady.  The first project of the PATHWAYS Alumni Association will be the creation of a PATHWAYS microfinance institution. Pictured from left to right are the PATHWAYS alumni present at the launch, Alphonce Oginga, Ken Otieno, Monicah Wairimu, and Michael Murigi cutting a ribbon to commemorate the beginning of this group and its journey to improve Kenya.

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